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Tenira Sturm zingt op schitterende wijze 'Thank You'

'Zingen is haar passie en ontspanning,' staat er op de website van mezzosopraan Tenira Sturm. Die liefde voor zingen hoor je en zie je goed terug als Tenira haar versie van het prachtige lied 'Thank You' zingt. De video is sinds 2016 te bewonderen op het internet, maar nog altijd zorgt deze uitvoering voor kippenvel.

Thank You

Jesus Army

Bekijk hierboven de originele versie van Jesus Army.


So many times,
You reached out to me,
But I turned my back 'cause I didn't think you had what I need.
Now you're everything,
You're everything to me.
I can't be without you God,
You're everything.

And I want to say thank you,
I was lost and you found me,
I was dead inside,
And you breathed into me,
And you brought these bones to life.
I want to say thank you,
Thank you for saving me.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally God.

You stood with open arms,
But I ran away.
'Cause I was scared of the pain that came with trust.
But I came running back,
Into your embrace,
Because I knew you'd still be there,
You'd never leave me God.

I don't deserve you God (x2)
But you keep on loving me anyway.
Oh, You'd never stop loving me God.

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