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Veiled In Darkness


Veiled in darkness Judah lay,
Waiting for the promised day
While across the shadowy night
Streamed a flood of glorious light
Heav’nly voices chanting then
Peace on earth, good will to men

Still the earth in darkness lies
Up from death’s dark vale arise
Voices of a world in grief
Prayers of men who seek relief
Now our darkness pierce again
Peace on earth, good will to men

Light of light, we humbly pray
Shine upon Thy world today
Break the gloom of our dark night
Fill our souls with love and light
Send Thy blessèd Word again
Peace on earth, good will to men

Informatie over dit lied

Kerk van uitvoering
Plaats van uitvoering
Rintje te Wies
Kampen Boys Choir
Eerste componist
Glenn Rudolph