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Anthem of love

Si daría todo lo que tengo Pero sin tener el Amor Todo-lo-otro no vale la pena Es la fuerza mas superior If I would give up everything Without ever giving true love Than I haven’t given a thing ‘Cause love is more than enough There’s more to this life than we’ll ever know Or we could imagine, until we are home Love is the anthem, the song of our hearts The hymn of forgiveness where everything starts Trom the first breath we take to the last one we breathe Let’s sing the anthem of love in between El verbo no altera el futuro Las obras lo pueden cambiar Donde dos o tres están juntos Nuestro Dios en su amor estará Words alone can’t change the future But actions can change history If we would just love one another What a beautiful life this could be Nana Nana El amor El amor Nothing else Nothing more It’s all that we need it’s enough