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Dear Lord and Father


Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
forgive our foolish ways,
reclothe us in our rightful mind,
in purer lives thy service find,
in deeper reverence praise,
in deeper reverence praise.

In simple trust like theirs who heard,
beside the Syrian see,
the gracious calling of the Lord,
let us, like them, without a word,
rise up and follow thee,
rise up and follow thee.

Drop they still dews of quietness,
till all our strivings cease,
take from our souls the strain and stress
and let our ordered lives confess,
the beauty of thy peace,
the beauty of thy peace.

Breathe thro’ the heats of our desire,
thy coolness and thy balm,
let sense be dump, let flesh retire,
speak thro’ the earthquake, wind and fire,
o still small voice of calm,
o still small voice of calm.

Informatie over dit lied

Kerk van uitvoering
Plaats van uitvoering
Vocaal ensemble Vocalism
Eerste componist
Charles Hubert Parry